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Relevance of researches consisted in finding of a method of the authentic forecast of development of level of mechanization of gardening and wine growing through identification of the principles of an optimum joint of conditioning agents with constantly changing parameters of objects of leaving.

Multistructural creation of technology in the offered methodology is an intermediate link of the general methodological chain consisting of a technique of a set of the initial array of information and the mechanism of its use in optimization of management of functioning of technology. For this purpose it was required to concentrate an initial array of information in independently existing knots (modules, stages). Sufficiency of information received in these knots for the general methodological chain is confirmed by possibility of construction from it of system, having transformed information through matrixes to components which without the rest define structure of technology as system.

Such analysis can be made because each element of technology is considered only through all-technological, basic material, repair (also the accompanying costs because other costs, and in any production technology of a product, cannot be are functional. At the same time any technology of receiving a product cannot exist if any of a component from five is absent. And it already signs of system! Therefore equality (1 it can be qualified as mathematical model of optimization of technology of any agricultural branch.