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Individual determinants of aggression. Researches showed that individuals with the high level of uneasiness show the smaller level of aggression, than individuals with the low level of uneasiness as the first tend to expect disapproval from other people and a negative outcome of a situation.

Facts terrible. And that the most regrettable, not single. The world under which moral support failed became hardened. Many consider that all this from life of the so-called unsuccessful, drinking families. But it is impossible to be so subjective. We do not know all scales of the tragedy yet.

Always it must be kept in mind that biologically processes proceed in a social context. Therefore it is necessary to recognize that aggression is affected by different types of factors, and biological factors of the environment have decisive impact.

That is not the main reason for emergence and manifestation of this phenomenon: individual and typological features, biological factors, heredity, education or negative environmental impacts.

Also, at people aggression strengthens pain, and both physical, and sincere. Especially strong activator is the attacking behavior of other person. In hot weather all become irritable and excited. The narrowness, invasion into individual space of the person, are also the factors causing a stress. The narrowness, the increased humidity, noise, the polluted air, sports or the watch over sports competitions double excitement of the person which in combination with hostile thoughts or feelings can facilitate aggressive behavior.